• Transfer Site Frustration


    Hello West Point,

    I share your frustrations about a lack of sufficient space for waste and recycling at the transfer site.  This past Saturday, I was unable to get there until just past noon.  And it was closed.

    Someone, likely feeling some of that same frustration, left a bag of feces in front of the door to the town hall.  Other than the momentary relief of a childish prank, that action will not open additional dumpsters.  It absolutely will not encourage the board chair to recommend changes at the transfer site.  We are short staffed – but hiring – at the transfer site.  The county is short staffed – and hiring.  The most helpful thing the fecal dumper could do is apply and then work at either location.  It discourages me that one amongst is as thoughtless, ill-mannered, and disgusting as to leave feces at the town hall door. 

    I will spend $2 at the county site and haul my trash and recycling there this week.  If you can’t offload at West Point’s transfer site, please do the same.  The county site is open Monday through Friday from 7:00 am until 3:30 pm.

    Ashley Nedeau-Owen, Town Chair