Assessments and Property Tax Information

2023 Notice of Full Revaluation. 
The Town will be doing a Full Revaluation in 2023 and the new Assessor is Associated Appraisal Consultants Inc.

Revaluation Information
Trespass Law and Authority to Enter Property

2022 Real Estate & Personal Property Taxes

2022 Postponed Property Taxes (2nd installment) are handled by the Columbia County Treasurer.  These taxes are due July 31, 2023 and should be paid directly to the Columbia County Treasurer.  

Payment Options for 2nd installment Property Taxes to the County:

  • Mail your check to the Columbia County Treasurer PO Box 198 Portage WI 53901.  If you would like a receipt, enclose a self addressed stamped envelope.  (Please Note:  DO NOT mail your 2nd installment tax payment to the Town of West Point.  2nd installment property tax payments are NOT processed by the Town of West Point Treasurer.)
  • Pay by Credit Card or Echeck through Point & Pay at the Columbia County Website: (Note: fees are charged by Point & Pay.)
  • During the month of July, payments can be made in person at the Associated Bank in Lodi.  To make the process smoother, please present the reminder notice sent out by Columbia County to the Associated Bank Teller.  

2022 Tax Newsletter

Property Tax Bills and receipts are available online from the Columbia County website:

      • Click on the Property & Taxes icon, then click on the Ascent Land Records icon.
      • Change the Municipality to 11040 – Town of West Point. 
      • You can search by parcel number, last name, street name, etc.  “Less is more” when it comes to searching.  For instance, search for JUST your last name OR JUST your street name, but NOT both.
      • On the next screen, select the Taxes option from the drop down box under your property description.
      • Click on the year link by Print tax bills for your bill or the year link under Tax Year for your receipt.

For payment or information on delinquent property taxes please contact the Columbia County Treasurer at (608) 742-9613.

2/2/2019 – US Postal Service Delays

Under Wisconsin State Law 74.69(2), if payments are not timely due solely to a US Postal Service delay or administrative error, the payments must be considered timely.

Property Owners

Any person required to pay interest or penalty due to a late payment can file a written request with the County Treasurer (74.69(3) Wis Stats.)

Written request must: 

      • Be filed within 10 days of the interest or penalty payment, but no later than Dec 1, 2019.
      • Ask the County Board to determine the payment is timely since the sole reason the payment was late was due to a US Postal Service delay or administrative error.

County Board Must:

      • Act on the request within 30 days of receipt by the County Treasurer.
      • Find payment timely if the payment was late soley due to a US Postal Service delay or administrative error.
      • If the payment is deemed timely – County Board will direct the County Treasurer to reimburse the taxpayer the interest or penalty payment within 10 days.

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