Most committee members serve a two (2) or (3) year term.  If you have a particular interest in or skill set that would benefit any of the Town of West Point committees, please contact the Town Chair or Town Clerk.

Plan Commission

Darrell Lehman

Ron Grasshoff

Kevin Kessler

Plan Commission Chairman
Town Board Representative
(608) 712-7099

Nathan Sawyer

Les McBurney

Brooke Milde

Jennifer Brooks

West Point Area Historical Commission

Kristine Lehman

(608) 592-3657

Mary Ann Johnson


Chris Ryan

Emily Carncross

Alan Treinen

Diane Kazmierczak

West Point Area Historical Society Officers

Mary Ann Johnson

(608) 628-4350

Emily Carncross

Vice President

Parks & Open Space Committee

Scott Ness

Ken Ryan

Frank Cook

Karen Anderson