Emergency Fire Numbers

Columbia County Sheriff Richards is asking for assistance in making sure that Emergency Fire Number signs posted at your home or business are visible in case of an emergency.  Please see the following requirements:

  • Fire, Ambulance and Sheriff personnel need to be able to see the Fire Number to find your home in an emergency. 
  • Your Fire Number should be posted five feet to the right of your driveway.
  • Your Fire Number should be 3 ½ feet off the ground at the road right of way.
  • Your Fire Number should be free of obstructions. 
  • If your sign is missing or damaged please contact your local town clerk for a replacement sign.

For more information on Emergency Fire Number placement please go to the Columbia County web page at www.co.columbia.wi.us or contact your local municipal town government official.

Taffy Buchanan
Town Clerk
Town of West Point
Phone: 608-592-7059
Email: clerk@tn.westpoint.wi.gov