• State MLS Road Funding Grant


    In 2019 the town had to take immediate action on Schoepp Rd to protect access to homeowners, farmers and businesses.  That action included adding culverts and raising the road.  We were able to pay for the work using town reserves. 

    In order to put asphalt on that new road and to make the repairs needed to reopen the closed portion of Schoepp Road, we sought MLS grant money.  West Point was one of the 1,030 towns to apply for this special one-time MLS grant of $28.7 million made available to towns by Gov. Evers.  The MLS grant money is only available for shovel-ready projects – those that already have engineering work completed.  Fortunately we have completed engineering for Schoepp Rd.  However, the total amount requested by the 1,030 towns is $568 million.  Consequently, only 5% of the grant applicants will receive funding. 

    The good news is the amount requested and the number of applications received tells our legislators how much investment in our local roads is needed!  Please contact Sen. Erpenbach and Rep. Considine.  Remind them that we need additional assistance to maintain and improve our roads. Every call counts!

    Contact information:

    Sen. Erpenbach
    phone: (608) 266-6670; (888) 549-0027
    mail: PO Box 7882, Madison WI 53707-7882
    in person:  Room 415 South, State Capitol, Madison WI

    Rep. Considine
    phone:  (608) 266-7746; (888) 534-0081
    mail:  PO Box 8952, Madison WI 53708
    In person: 
    Room 303 West, State Capital, Madison WI